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Common Boiler Problems

Complexity does not always imply more prevalent boiler issues or failures, but it can mean that the typical user is perplexed or afraid to touch what appears to be a complicated and weird electrical wiring box. But don't worry we're here to tell you the most common boiler problems that you can check before calling for help!

Boiler Issues You Need To Look Out For


Pressure is undoubtedly one of the most common boiler issues. To fire up or work, most boilers require a system pressure of roughly 1.5 bar. If there isn't enough pressure, the boiler will lockout because it won't be able to pump enough water around the system. Fault code diagnostics are now available on all combination and system boilers and are referenced in the manuals to explain the faults and common causes of the problem you're having. If you do decide to top up the low water levels, examine the boiler manual and make sure the filler loop or cold feed-in is turned off, as this will trigger the following problem.


Overpressurisation occurs when there is too much water in the system, which is frequently the result of an overly liberal fill after a pressure drop. This happens when a homeowner can't get their boiler to operate after a lengthy period of inactivity and the system is cold, and they fail to account for the expansion of water in the system when it's hot. If you have a pressure gauge, consult your boiler manual to determine the pressure range that is appropriate for your system. Because both low and high water pressure might cause problems with your boiler, the system must be set to the proper water pressure. Another sign of overpressurisation is leaking water from your pressure relief valve.

Boiler Service

Boiler Lockout

Boiler in lockout mode, unable to function, is a regular occurrence that can be linked to the aforementioned as well as a variety of other factors. Boilers are shut down because they were not designed to fail catastrophically (the boiler is totally unrepairable or dangerous). Often, it's a variable that can be resolved by just turning the boiler off for a few minutes to clear the issue, then turning it back on and seeing if it works. There is a firing sequence, and if any of these are incorrect, the system will not advance to the next level.

Air in the System

Radiators, components, and boilers do not like air in the system. It can shut out the boiler or cause the circulating pump to seize and stop working. It's a simple fix that doesn't require you to touch any gas or electricity. Limescale, which is generated by hard water, can accumulate over time and cause problems with your boiler. This can be remedied by power flushing the system with chemicals.

Heating and hot water not working or only working when I have them both on at the same time.

The way your system works is determined by the type of boiler you have. All of the functioning parts of a combination boiler are contained within the unit. If you have heat but no hot water when you turn on the tap, the diverter valve inside the boiler casing is most likely the source of the problem. There are a few things you can try to solve the problem, but it's better to call a plumber.

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