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Considerations to make before installing a new boiler

Having a new boiler installed is a big deal and not something to rush into if you can help it. However, many homeowners are forced to make multiple decisions about their new boiler in a short space of time because their old one has suddenly packed up. This is why we’ve written the following brief guide to put you in the know about buying a new boiler when the time comes.

Which type of boiler should you choose

When choosing a new gas boiler you can opt for combi, conventional or system. They all have their pros and cons but the main things to consider are the size of your home, the number of bathrooms you have and the size of your family. If you live in a fairly small home with one bathroom a combi may be the perfect choice as its energy-efficient and heats water instantly. However, if you have more than one bathroom and your family needs quite a high demand of heat and hot water then you’re better off opting for a system or conventional boiler. These can send hot water to multiple sources at once and can be powerful enough to provide plenty of heat and hot water. System boilers don’t need a separate cold water tank but conventional boilers do. 

The cost of a new boiler

A new boiler can cost between around £1500-£3500, including installation. The cost varies depending on the type and brand of boiler, as well as whether other parts need to be installed, such as a separate tank. It’s important to make sure you can afford it before you commit, although some engineers do offer finance options, which can help spread the cost of paying for your boiler and its installation.

Where your boiler will be located

When you have a new boiler installed it may be possible to switch the location of it from where your current boiler is. For example, because combi boilers don’t require separate cylinders, they can be housed in the airing cupboard and save you space. Other options can include cupboards downstairs or your boiler being mounted to the wall. Sometimes boilers can be located in an integrated garage, but you’ll need to discuss possible options with your heating engineer prior to installation.

Skilled boiler installation in Redditch, Bromsgrove & beyond

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