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Different types of boilers explained

Struggling to know which boiler you should install? We know boilers aren’t cheap, so it's vital you have enough information to choose the best one for your home. We have listed the pros and cons of combi, conventional and system boilers so you can choose for yourself!

Combination (combi) boiler

Combi boilers are the most popular boiler installed in the UK as they are quick and easy to install and heat water instantly. This means there is no need for tanks or cylinders, saving you loads of valuable space in your home.


  • Efficient- no hot water is wasted in storage as it is only heated when needed
  • No need for bulky components such as water tanks
  • Cheap and easy to install and repair
  • You will have good water pressure in your showers, if mains pressure is good
  • No need to wait for the water to heat up


  • If your mains pressure is low, your home water pressure will also below
  • No immersion heater so no backup hot water supply
  • When multiple taps are running, the water pressure will decrease

System boiler

System boilers do require some extra space, as they need a water cylinder to store the hot water. They are also good for homes that require a lot of hot water or have multiple bathrooms.


  • Easy to install as the majority of components are built into the boiler itself
  • Doesn’t require water tanks so doesn’t need as much space as a conventional boiler
  • Multiple taps running will not affect water pressure
  • Mains water pressure doesn’t need to be high


  • Less compact than combi boilers
  • When you need hot water, you have to wait or the tank to heat
  • Heat energy can be lost when the hot water is in the cylinder
  • Limited to how much hot water the tank can hold- once emptied it has to refill and heat up again

Conventional boiler

Conventional boilers are ideal for older homes with old radiator pipes and homes with lots of space. They require two water tanks and a water cylinder, making them a little more difficult to install. Because of this, they are decreasing in popularity.


  • Running multiple taps won’t affect the water pressure
  • If your home has older pipework or radiators, then they won’t need updating with a conventional boiler
  • An immersion heater can be installed for backup hot water


  • Two water tanks and a cylinder require a lot of space
  • Heat can be lost from the hot water when it is being stored in the cylinder
  • Expensive and hard to install due to the number of components

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