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How to Keep Your Boiler in Good Condition During the Winter

We need our boilers the most during the winter months, when it’s cold outside and we want our homes to be warm and comfortable. This is why it’s so important to ensure your boiler is in the best condition it can be during winter, as this is the time of year it’s most likely to need a repair or even break down. Below we’ve provided a few simple pointers on keeping your boiler in good condition during the coldest months of the year.

Ensure your boiler gets serviced each year

Servicing your boiler is simple, hassle free and one of the best ways to prepare it for the winter months. We recommend having your boiler serviced towards the end of summer or early autumn, so you can be sure everything is in tip-top condition for when you really need it. During a service your heating engineer will check, clean and inspect your boiler and all its main parts, helping prevent a break down and making it run more efficiently. 

Check and bleed your radiators

Your radiators take in air, which over time becomes trapped and can prevent them from heating properly. If you look at the pressure gauge on your boiler and it’s above 1.5 and your radiators aren’t heating fully, they probably need bleeding. You can do this yourself with a radiator key or screwdriver, but tread with care and seek help if you aren’t confident about what to do. After bleeding, you should notice an immediate improvement in how your radiators heat, and your pressure should drop to between 1 and 1.5. 

Insulate your pipes to help prevent freezing

One of the most common central heating problems in winter is frozen pipes. To help prevent this you can insulate them before the winter really sets in by buying foam lagging tubes from your local DIY store. Fit these tubes around your pipes and this will help prevent them from freezing over and causing your boiler to stop  working. You can also try leaving your heating on low when the weather is very cold, so the pipes don’t freeze over when not in use. 

Boiler servicing and repair in Redditch, Bromsgrove & beyond

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