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Our top 5 tips on how to reduce your gas bills

Reducing your monthly outgoings on your gas bills is a fantastic way to save money. We all need to heat our homes, especially in the winter months of the year so it is inevitable that gas bills are often significant. On average, a UK homeowner spends £1254 per year on their gas energy bills according to statistics collected in 2019. It’s no wonder then that there are many searching for ways to lower their monthly bills.

Our top 5 tips on how to reduce your gas bills | Redditch

How do I reduce my gas bills?

As boiler experts, Lakins Heating & Plumbing understand how your boiler system consumes natural gas - the gas that is used to power your central heating system and warm your home. With this insight, we have been able to come up with the top 5 ways to save you money on your monthly heating bills:

1. Shop around for the cheapest gas energy provider

Ultimately, if you are with an expensive gas provider, it can be difficult to keep your monthly cost down. The cheapest provider in your area is likely to be ever-changing so it’s important to keep checking to make sure that you are on the cheapest tariff and company available. Spending time to ensure that you are getting a good deal from your energy provider can go a long way. 

2. Get your boiler regularly serviced

Boiler servicing is not only vital to keeping your boiler system safe and running properly, but it can also help reduce wear and tear on your boiler system. As your boiler ages, your monthly bills will creep up due to the parts in your boiler succumbing to wear and tear. Annual boiler servicing can help slow down this ageing process and even reverse the energy bill increases caused by an ageing boiler. 

3. Get a smart thermostat system

A smart thermostat system can allow ultimate control over your central heating when you're not at home and some models can even automate your heating as well as provide temperature controls for individual rooms in your home. This can make significant savings on your monthly energy bill. 

4. Get a central heating powerflush 

A powerflush is a central heating system clean that clears your system of debris, limescale and sludge - resulting in a boiler with a clear flow of water throughout the system. A system in need of a powerflush is potentially using a lot more energy to heat and pump water around your system. That’s why a powerflush is a fantastic way to reduce your monthly heating costs

5. Consider replacing your boiler 

Due to regulations, newer boilers are cutting edge when it comes to efficiency. If your boiler is over 12 years old, a replacement is a solid option for reducing your monthly bills. You may be surprised to know that a new boiler replacement may earn back your initial investment in a new boiler due to the savings you make on your new boiler! 

Lakins Heating and Plumbing can provide up to 12 years warranty on selected Worcester-Bosch, Baxi and ATAG boiler models, find out more by selecting the button below.

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