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Protect your boiler from condensate backfill this winter...

It's essential to protect your heating and hot water systems from extreme rain and cold. The reason for this is because when  it rains heavily, it causes the condensate pipe to fill up with water. This then leads your boiler to overflow. 

Here at Lakins Heating & Plumbing, we have put together a list of things that you can do to protect your boiler! If you prefer speaking to a member of the team, simply call us on 07976271681.

Be prepared for the rain

When heavy rain occurs, it adds a lot of pressure to your drainage system and when this happens, it can not only be time consuming to fix but can be costlier.  Even though you can thaw a frozen condensate pipe, if heavy rain occurs, it causes it to flood or when debris builds up it could get blocked. This leads the water to backfill into the condensate pipe and finally into the boiler. 

Add an external air break

To prevent your boiler from being flooded, we recommend adding an external air break. The reason for this is because this will help seperate the condensate pipes outlet from the downpipe and ensure it is not able to flow back into the pipe even when the downpipe gets blocked. 

Clear the gutters and drains 

Making sure the gutters and drains are cleared from anything that could block it is very important, mainly because it pushes the rainwater away from your home into a drainage system. When heavy rain occurs and the pipes get blocked, it cases the water to flow back into the house's plumbing system. This can be easily prevented by adding a mesh. 

For more information about how our heating engineers, across Redditch, Studley, Bromsgrove and Alvechurch call us on 07976271681 and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively, send us a quick message using the contact form