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The Ultimate Boiler Guide [2021]

Are you thinking of replacing your current boiler with a brand new one? There are a few things that you need to do before considering getting a new boiler installed! Here at Lakins Heating & Plumbing, we have created this ultimate guide on what you need to know before getting a new boiler installed. 

ultimate boiler guide

What you need to know before getting a new boiler installed

Size of your home 

The type of boiler you get is heavily impacted by the size of your boiler. The reason for this is that different types of boilers are better suited for different sized properties. For example, Combi boilers are a great option if you have a smaller home. 

Size of Property 

The size of your property has a direct impact on which boiler is best suited for your home. Combi boilers are known to be a great choice for smaller homes whereas system boilers are more suitable for larger homes. 

Number of Bathrooms

Does your home have more than one bathroom? If so, then you need to look into either system or conventional boilers. This is because they will allow you to run hot water in all bathrooms at the same time. 

Brand of Boiler 

The brand of the boiler is also one of the factors that are very important to consider. Different brands of boilers offer boilers with various levels of energy efficiency. We will be happy to guide you through choosing the right branded boiler for you and your home. 

Gas Safe Registered Engineer

It is always important to make sure the engineer you hire is Gas Safe registered. Gas Safe registered engineers have the qualifications and training needed to carry out safe gas work. Here at Lakins Heating & Plumbing, all of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered. Simply ask us to show you our Gas Safe ID and we will be happy to show it. 

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