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Types of Boilers

If you are looking for a new boiler but unsure what type of boiler is right for your home, you’re in the right place. In the below article Lakins Plumbing & Heating have a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right boiler for your home. 

Choosing the right boiler for your home is dependent on many factors including water pressure, the size of your home and how many bathrooms you have. Taking all of these into account when choosing a boiler for your home will mean that you are choosing a boiler that will be the most efficient and effective in heating your home.

Types of boiler installation available

Firstly, we’ll go over the different types of boilers that are available for installation in your home:

Conventional Boiler

Conventional boiler systems work by heating up and storing hot water in a water tank for use at a later stage. Conventional boilers require both cold water and hot water tank. These boilers require a fair amount of space within your home in order to store the hot water tank. These boiler systems are fantastic choices for those with larger homes and multiple bathrooms. Read on to find out why. 

Combi Boiler 

Also known as the combination boiler, this boiler type is a very popular choice due to the fact that it is space-saving - with no need for a separate water tank to be installed in your home. The combination boiler works by heating up water on-demand from your mains water system - meaning that no hot water is being stored. 

System boilers

System boilers have the ability to heat up water on demand and store it in a water tank. They have a separate cylinder for storing hot water, meaning a constant supply of hot water to the taps in your home. 

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Considerations when getting a new boiler

Limited on space?

If you are limited on space, combi boilers can be excellent choices. Without the need for a water tank, these compact systems can fit easily into a kitchen cabinet or cupboard. For this reason, combi boilers are our top pick when it comes to homes that are limited in space. 

Concerned about water pressure to multiple taps?

If you have multiple bathrooms that are used at the same time, a system that contains a water tank system is highly recommended. Systems that contain a water tank can provide consistent pressure throughout your home. 

Both conventional boilers and system boilers contain a hot water tank and can provide good water pressure throughout your home. System boilers take the edge here as there is no need for a cold water tank to be stored in the loft.

A standard combi boiler can only provide adequate water pressure for 1 mains tap at a time. This means that system boilers and conventional boilers are great choices for larger homes and for those who are likely to use more than one mains tap at once. A major drawback of these systems is the potential to run out of stored hot water. 


Choosing the right boiler type can be tricky. Knowing the pros and cons of each boiler type goes a long way in making the process easier and increases the chances of choosing the perfect boiler type for your home. 

Boiler installation across Redditch, Studley, Bromsgrove and Alvechurch

A reputable Gas Safe heating engineer can help make the process of choosing the right type of boiler even easier. Lakins Plumbing & Heating boiler installation service in Redditch not only provides safe and reliable boiler installation, our knowledgeable heating engineers also help you choose the boiler that will work best in your home. To get a boiler installation quote call Lakins Plumbing & Heating on 07976271681 or use our website's contact form to get in touch.