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When is the best time to install a boiler

Unfortunately, boilers don’t last forever, and every homeowner will have to consider getting a new boiler installed at some point. Reasons for a boiler installation vary, it could be that your old boiler has had an irreparable breakdown or because you’re renovating an old house and installing a new central heating system, a new boiler is a large investment but one that comes with a huge number of benefits. The question is though when is the best time to install your boiler? Should you want to find out more information about our boiler installation services in Redditch or the surrounding areas check out our page. 

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What's the best time of year to have a new boiler installed? 

We install our boilers all year round because if you need an upgrade or a replacement to your boiler getting one fitted as soon as possible is a priority for your household. We do find however that some people prefer to arrange their installation(if it can be planned) for the hotter months during the summer. 

Why? Well for a short period of time during the installation it isn't possible to access heating or hot water. More often than not this takes less than a day if the installation is straightforward, so it shouldn't have too much of an impact on your day-to-day routine. 

However, there are cases where it could take longer, such as if the new boiler is a different type to the old one, for example, if you have a regular boiler but are switching to a combi. When parts such as tanks and cylinders need to be removed or new elements need to be added, this can lengthen the period of time.  

We always complete our work promptly and minimise any disruption to your household, but a more complicated installation can extend the time, it can take between one and three days. In cases such as this to minimise the impact of a loss of heating, a summer or spring installation is the preferred option.

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