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Why hire a Gas Safe registered engineer?

Whether you are getting a new boiler installed, having your current boiler serviced or would like to get your central heating system, making sure the heating engineer you hire is Gas Safe registered is very important. Here at Lakins Heating & Plumbing we go through the reasons why this is important, carry on reading to find out...

What is the Gas Safe register?

The Gas Safe register is a list of engineers who have put in the time and effort to undertake all necessary training need to carry out services involving gas. They are fully qualified and follow all relevant laws and regulations when it comes to offering gas work. 

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, so you can feel assured that you're in good hands! Remember that all gas engineers are required by law to be on the Gas Safe Register and can be easily found too. 

So, why should you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer?

Ensures Safety

While installing, repairing, or servicing gas systems, Gas Safe registered engineers are trained to perform safe gas work and discover any concerns, ensuring your and your family's safety. 

Also, because carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous and deadly if inhaled, the heating engineer you hire to install, repair or even service your central heating system must be Gas Safe accredited. 

Regularly Assessed 

All of our engineers' work is examined on a regular basis to ensure that you get a professional service at all times. It also helps ensure that your needs are met and all projects are completed to the highest standards.  

The Gas Safe registry is regularly updated, so you may double-check that any engineer you hire is listed on the Gas Safe Register website.

How can I find out if my engineer is Gas Safe certified? 

Simply request a copy of your engineer's Gas Safe card, or visit the Gas Safe website for additional information. You can get in touch with us on 07976271681 and request our Gas Safe ID number and we will be happy to provide it.