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Why is my boiler making strange sounds?

Not sure why your boiler is making unusual noises? Read through our blog to find out what these noises could mean and if you need to call an engineer to look at it for you. 

It is normal for your boiler to make noises everyday, it becomes a concern if you start to hear sounds you have not heard before. These sounds also help indicate that there is a problem with your boiler. Here at Lakins Heating & Plumbing, we have listed are few sounds and the reasons on what is causing these sounds. These include...

Buzzing or whinning 

These types of sounds should be looked into as soon as possible. The reason for this could be because the pumps in your boiler could be worn out or the fan is defective, these need to be looked into by a qualified and trained engineer. 


When your boiler starts to make this noise, it can be easy to fix. Make sure the external pipe is not blocked and check the air filter is cleared from any debris that has built up. If the sound carries on for longer than usual, your boiler could start to cause further damages in the future. 

Gurgling Noises

A little bit of gurgling sounds here and there is common and you do not need to be worried about it. However if you are finding that these sounds are becoming louder or regular, it could mean that something needs fixing. To fix this you can bleed your radiators, check the water pressure or even check the circulation pump. 

If your boiler is making any of these sounds or other sounds we have not mentioned and you would like to get a professional heating engineer to come and have a look, get in touch with us by viewing our contact details down below. 

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